Friday, May 29, 2015

Run for a Mom 5K

This annual 5K was held a couple of weeks ago to help raise money for Agape. Everyone runs for a different reason but the main goal is for mothers. 

Dedicate your run/walk to a special woman.

Maybe it’s your mom, birth mom, or adoptive mom. Or maybe it’s that dear lady who always knew just what to say.
Whomever you choose, carry her name or picture with you as you run/walk. 
We decided run walk in memory of MawMaw. 

Here is all of our crew.

We walked and talked the whole time! I forgot how miles can disappear so quickly while you are talking. 

Laney is used to hearing me say, "I will be back in 30 minutes" when I go out for a run. She thought we would be done in 30 minutes. I giggled and told her we would be lucky to finish in less than a hour. We had a lady with feet problems, a person with a bad back, a newly pregnant lady and a several who did not train. We would be walking and casually walking usually takes longer. 
As we passed by my aunt's old house, I was reminded of these same roads my uncle and I would walk after a night keeping my cousins. 
While my aunt and I were talking, we somehow got ahead of the others in our group. I love to walk but I tend to walk a fast pace….. so I've been told. Most of the time I don't realize it. I blame it on my teaching days. You have to walk fast down the halls to fit in a bathroom break, copies, dropping something off in the office, a phone call, etc. Maybe it is due to being a mommy and only having so much time in the grocery store before the kids fall apart. Either way I've done it for a long time! 
My aunt and I came across the finish line first. I quickly found a spot to take pictures of the rest of the group  coming in.

As I took this picture, I wondered where my mom and Ella were. I thought I was going to have to go check on them when I saw this….

Apparently, Ella had a blister on her foott and my mom stopped to let Ella have her sock for double protection. 

My mom's sock was so black by the end that she just gave Ella the pair.
Here is the picture of our crew after the race.

After the race, they had Chickfila biscuits, games, italian ice and characters. Some of us couldn't pass up the opportunity for a picture.

We had such a great time that we agreed we needed to make this an annual occurrence!

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