Monday, May 18, 2015

50th Anniversary

Yay for May! My school has ended…..finally!!!!!!! The girls will test this week and they will be finished. Besides a few rooms that need organizing, we are finally settled in our new home. We closed on our house in Ga last Friday so we no longer have to worry about 2 house payments, 1 rent payment, 3 water bills and 3 power bills. Although we are getting less bills in the mail now, our wallets are very thin. 
I still don't know what we were thinking when we planned the month of April. God saw us through and we made it! Don't worry I am planning to go back and share everything from where I last left you…..just not all today!!

One of our many trips in April had us traveling to South Carolina for Carmel's parents 50th Anniversary party. We drove in late Friday night, had the party on Saturday afternoon and left Sunday morning since we had an activity at church that night. The party was casual but elegant at the same time.
I think I will let the pictures do the work for me. 

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