Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Finish on the 50

Last month, I completed my third half marathon. When I started this adventure of running, I thought I would be one and done. With each milestone, I only find myself searching for  my next adventure. When I happened to stumble across Auburn's Finish on the 50 half marathon, I knew this was something I wanted to do.

As we were driving that morning to Auburn, the weather forecast for the day was 100% chance of thunderstorms all day. The dark clouds in the sky proved the weather to be true. Once we arrived, the rain started. We sat in the car as a rain delay was called for the race. 

This storm was made up of rain, thunder and lightening. I was very worried about running in this type of weather. I did run in heavy rain once before but it was during training, I was almost done and there was no lightening! As we waited, some of us may have mentioned going to get breakfast instead. I thought it was the perfect day for crawling back in bed! After about 15 minutes, the rain cleared and we were called to the start line. Side note: Remember the 100% thunderstorm prediction I mentioned earlier……..It never rained again! To think we almost skipped town and went for breakfast!

Besides the weather, I was a little worried about this race for a different reason. I could have never predicted how crazy our month of April was going to be when I signed up for this race. After the Montgomery Half, I only averaged about 3 miles per week. I had no doubt I could finish but I thought I would end with a horrible time. The hills were tough but we finished with a time of 2:42. Only 2 seconds shy of the Montgomery half. Considering my month, I was happy with that!

After all my other races, I always document my experiences along with each post. I do it mainly for me so I can look back and remember my experiences. If you keep up with my blog at all you know my very first half and full was at Disney. Although I loved every minute of it, sadly, I compare other races to them. No one has even come close to the Disney experience so far. 

I thought my favorite part of the Auburn half would be running onto the 50 yard line. The best part of the race besides the meteorologist being wrong was running through the campus.

Here are the parts I did not like:
* We barely started the race when the elite runners start passing by in the opposite direction. Talk about a demotivator! I prefer not to see how far behind I am in comparison to the elites.
* They did not offer an energy supplement along the course. I always take my own but this is the first race to not offer one. I am grateful there was plenty of water!!!
* Towards the end of the race there were very little mile markers. I use run keeper while I run so I can look at the distance when I need to.
* Right before you entered the stadium, you were forced to walk(run if you wanted to get wet) through a huge deep puddle of water. Our shoes were completely soaked. 
* The biggest disappointment for me was not running onto the 50 yard line. It was more like the 50 yard sideline. This was the part I was most looking forward to. I guess since the field was muddy they had to change their original plans. 
* My sister will tell you the biggest upset was probably the path to exit the stadium. After running 13 miles, the last thing you want to do is to climb stairs. I feel the workout should be complete once you cross the finish line. Those with bad knees DO NOT need…..several….flights….of…..stairs right after a race! 

Although this was not my favorite race I've done so far, I was glad I did it. I think the people in charge just had to make several last minute adjustments due to the weather. 

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