Monday, December 22, 2014

Ladies Night Out

We participate in a program called Lads to Leaders and Leaderettes. This year we have added a new event to our list called Keepers. It is basically teaching our girls many skills of the house. We chose the activities cooking and serving, table setting and canning. We began with a lesson on table setting and planning. The girls were taught the difference between formal and informal place setting, how to decorate a table, and meal planning. We used these new skills to host a Ladies Night Out for the ladies in the congregation. The ladies would have dinner at the church before attending a play at a local theater. We wanted to incorporate the theme of the play into our table setting. The play was called "I Love a Piano." Here is what we made as a centerpiece for the table.

It was a styrofoam tree wrapped with curled music note paper. We got the idea from here.

We also made these Christmas trees using paper napkins.

The girls did a great job decorating the tables! I did have to  remind them a few times "less is more" when it comes to tables. I think if I would have let them keep going there would not have been any room for the plates.

We assigned each of the girls a table. It was their job to serve the ladies.

The girls did an amazing job! I am sad I did not get any pictures of them at the tables. Several ladies have mentioned to me how much they enjoyed the girls and how they were great hostesses. I think we will definitely be doing this again!

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