Thursday, October 4, 2012

American Girl Trip

Ella skipped a birthday party this year so she could take her American Girl to lunch.

This would be a special lunch because we drove a couple of hours to a special place.

 The American Girl Boutique and Bistro

It's like going to Six Flags or Disney. The excitement you get once you turn the corner and see the red!

Since both girls had dolls this time, I made them all 4 matching shirts. I ordered 4 iron on transfers from a local shop and did them myself.

 Last time we were there, we ate lunch. This time around we tried brunch. The food was delicious but for $1 more you can get a healthier portion for lunch.

Lanie and Jessica are ready to eat. 

The girls were a little disappointed this year. The waitress only brought their dolls something to drink.  Last time the dolls were served mini muffins on a plate. I am not sure if they do it just for lunch or stopped.

If you are wondering why Ella is sticking her chest out, she wanted a picture of her birthday sticker.

My mom was able to join us again this year! This might just become a tradition.

While we waited on our food, they had a box filled conversation questions.

 Let's Eat!

 Ella chose pancakes and bacon.

Laney chose eggs, bacon, potatoes with a mini bagel.

Mom chose a Frittata baked with eggs, cheese, mushrooms, potatoes and broccoli.

My choice was the Apple Cinnamon French Toast. 
It was Yummy!
I ate every single bit of it!

Ella had some money to spend. She had her eye on this blue car until she realized it was $350.

Both girls decided to get their dolls ears pierced and purchase a pet dog.

It was another fun trip to American Girl and I am sure it will not be our last!

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