Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A red hot grouchy birthday!

Some of you may remember the big surprise 16th birthday party we had for Griffin last year. If not, you read about it here, here, here and here.

This year  we I decided to keep it low key. We went to Buffalo Wild Wings for his birthday supper. He is into anything hot these days.......hot wings, hot chips, hot beef jerky. I have even heard from a few of the ladies that he is hot himself. 

Carmel's parents were able to join us for the kids birthdays.

After supper, we went back to the house for cake and gifts. 

Griffin requested a red velvet cake with red velvet cake balls on top. What is it with these odd request this year?????
Unlike Ella, I did not have all day to create a masterpiece. I opted for a store bought cake with homemade red velvet balls on top.

This is the finished product.

Probably nothing like what he was in-visioning but he said it was still tasty.

Present time!

Do you remember in the last post  when I told you there would be payback for Griffin getting Ella Justin stuff. Well here it is..............she picked it out herself :)

 Laney got him hyper juice and hot snacks.

His parents........well........we gave him our love!

I think it was his favorite present!

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  1. I am laughing out loud!!! This is hilarious - the last picture is the very best. :)