Thursday, December 22, 2011

Need an idea for a game at your next Christmas party??

Try this......... read right.......Reindeer Poop!

To make this game, you will need to get several different candy bars. Cut them up into small pieces and place them on a plate. Sprinkle powder sugar over the candy just enough to lightly cover it. 

Number each candy and have your guest write their answer on a piece of paper.

Here are the ones I did....

Can't figure them out? Need a closer look?

What??? Still don't know???? Let's try something a little easier!

Multiple Choice

 Twix          Snickers           100 Grand

 Hersheys           Skittles          Crunch

 Twix         M&Ms           Kit Kat

 Mars          Mounds         Reeces
 3 Musketeers        Heath        Almond Joy

Clark               Oh Henry Bar        Butterfinger

So how did you do?

If you chose the last answer for all of them, you were correct.
If you did not get any right, then I suggest you go out and buy every candy bar. I want you to study them! Inspect, smell and taste each one.  Get to know your candy. You never know this game could be at the next party you go to.

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  1. Jen Daughtry-best sis EVER!December 31, 2011 at 8:42 PM

    4/6 is not bad. :) Such a great game...will play it next year with my students. :) LOL