Sunday, December 11, 2011

Introducing our trees

The main tree located in the living room. 

This is the tree that holds all of our memorable ornaments.

Front and center is my favorite ornament. 

In our kitchen is a small tree that holds kitchen type ornaments.

Each child has a tree in his/her own room. Each year they get a new ornament to add. My decision for the new ornament is based on the year. What did they like? What new sport did they play? Any turning 16? Sometimes they may receive more than 1 depending on the above questions. Each child has a journal where I document the new ornaments. Once they move out or get married.....I pray that does not come to quickly, I will give them the journal and ornaments.

Okay, back to the trees in their rooms. First up.......Ella.

She has a small pink and purple tree. I forgot to mention that as they get older they upgrade to bigger trees. Ella is the youngest so she does not have as many ornaments as the others yet. She is quickly catching up though! 

Her new ornament this year was this.

I used to think she was going to be my tomboyish sports player. This year it was all about the girly things. She has told me on several occasions, "Mom, I do not like green or blue....they are for boys!" She even (gasp) was a cheerleader and was good at it (gasp again) (nothing like her mama????). I am still on the lookout for a cheerleader ornament. 

Next up, Laney's tree.......

It is a tall white tree with a zebra bow on top. We are in the process of changing her room into a Paris with zebra print theme. She received 2 ornaments this year. One was an Eiffel Tower....

and the other which I did not get a picture of is a bag with  Let's go shopping on it. She has been my sidekick shopper this year. I could not get out the door on Saturday mornings without her running to the car asking if she could go. 

Lastly..........Griffin's tree.

Well.........he is not into it this year like in years past. It took me a week and a half just to get him to put the tree up! I added the bow to the top.......pass by his room the next day........ bow is thrown on his desk. Having a bow at the top does not mean you are any less masculine. Right???
I forgot to take a picture of his ornament. It was a football. I am also looking for a car since he turned 16 this year.

I added a new tree this year in our entryway.

Since the tree in our living room holds the special ornaments, I wanted to do a pretty tree. I love trees that have the bead branches ( I am not sure what they are called) sticking out. I took a close up so you could see what I am talking about. 

Well.....that is all for the Weed trees. Hope you enjoyed the tour!

Tomorrow, I will talk about our traditions.

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