Wednesday, November 30, 2011

K-5th Fun Night

Something that has started at our church just recently is K-5th fun night. We do it once a month on a Friday night. It allows the kids in Kindergarten through 5th grade to spend an evening together. The adults take a turn watching the children while the others plan a date night or probably for this month a shopping trip!

We had fun night for the month of November. You can catch a glimpse of what goes on at these shindigs.

Eating pizza

I made 2 desserts. One was regular rice krispies and the other was peanut butter rice krispies.

They could choose to watch  movies. Yes...that is my hubby up in the front watching Tangled!

Many of us played games like of my favorites. We used to play this game at my grandmothers house when I was younger. Now I like to play more mature games like...........

Horton Hears a Who

The kids had a blast! 
I love the fact that they enjoy spending time with friends from church.

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