Wednesday, August 17, 2011

First Day of School!

We have been in school now for almost 2 weeks but I am just now getting around to posting the first day.
 Since I am teaching, it takes me about that long to get settled. Daddy did all of the first day activities including the picture taking. So here goes.......

I had to be there early to finish setting up 1st day activities. Daddy left with the kids the same time I did but arrived a lot later. Once they showed up in my room I realized why. They had stopped for a special breakfast. They were sweet enough to bring me some but this lady does not have time to eat on the first day of school. I am back on the school diet.......not a whole lot of time to eat. Excercise?? No problem!! I walk the halls a least 50 times a day!

All of us on our first day at school.

Laney in front of her classroom.

She is my social butterfly so she was eager for school to start.......mainly for the friends.

Griffin was too cool to have his picture taken or walked to class. 

Now I cannot brag enough on Ella's teacher this year. She is going to love her! I have already decided we are going to go big on the teacher gifts this year. I am thinking spa, gift cards, vacations, etc. Something nice for every holiday and in between. Here is a picture of her with her teacher on the first day of school.

I am looking forward to teaching and watching her interact with the other children this year.

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