Tuesday, March 16, 2010

What made my day???

Many of you may already know from Facebook but I got second place in the Coupon Savings Challenge at the commissary. I won $75 in gift certificates to use at the commissary. I had to go today to pick it up. They interviewed me where I was forced to reveal most of my highly classified saving tips gladly shared all my secrets to saving money. We took a few snapshots( this is the only one I have because my battery died) for an article they are writing. I have to give a shout out to the 2 beautiful but crazy girls beside me in the picture. They are my coupon helpers. No matter what store we are in their job is to look out for those peelies, tearpads, etc. Okay...... so.... occasionally they may get side tracked and miss a few or  tear off ones like $.50 off of Preparation H. Wait a minute... come to think of it.... I could use that one I heard it was good for puffy eyes. Anyways, the fact is they are learning to grow up to be thrifty frugal ladies. 

Since my battery died, here are a few shots I would have taken:

I can't believe I won!

Couponing is the best!

I found out while I was there that they had over 400 entries. WOW!
I told them they should do this once a month.


  1. Congrats you coupon queen!!! I got really into it but when the Atl. Journal stopped coming to W.R. I kind of fell off the wagon... What paper do you get??

  2. Good for you girlie! Now, share your tips pronto! LOL! My only problem...I can't stand cutting the coupons out, and then I forget them. LOL!

    Stacia -- I miss the AJC, too. That's where the good coupons were. :(

  3. I get the Macon Telegraph. It usually has 2 or 3 inserts of coupons. On Wed they include another Smartsource. I get my coupons from everywhere...peelies, tearpads, those blinkies,etc. I even get them from ebay. They are inexpensive and already cut. You can even get several of the same coupon. I won a bid for 30 $1 off Johnson and Johnson product. I will use those to get free Buddies soaps. I am thinking about have a class(coupon cramming session at my house). Would you come?

  4. Yeah...puffy eyes. Right.


  5. Why yes, I'd come to a class. Were you asking me? LOL! You set it up, and I'll do my best to come. Now, I can't promise that I'll become a "coupon-er", but I'll try. I used to do the grocery game, but that was just too time consuming. LOL!