Thursday, July 7, 2016

4th of July Camping Trip

We just returned from our 2nd family camping trip. I have to say we learned a lot from last time! I will share some of those things in another post. 

For this trip, we traveled a little further this time to Florida State Caverns. Most of our first evening was spent setting up camp, taking a look around and going to the store for some necessities. 

 The next morning, we fixed an egg, sausage and cheese wrap for breakfast. It was yummy!

 After breakfast, we walked to the Blue Hole. This is a natural spring and looks just like it's name.

 Since we were going to the caverns later that day, we decided to wait to took a dip. Instead, I took a few snapshots of our family.

 Later in the day, we took a tour of the caverns. It reminded me a lot of my childhood. During my elementary school days, we took several field trips to Desoto Caverns in Alabama. 

 After supper, we spent the rest of the evening playing card games.

The next day, we walked back to the Blue Hole and jumped in. The water was a very pretty blue. The deepest part of the hole was 30 feet. 

The water was extremely cold! I jumped in long enough to take this next picture. Griffin said he tried to swim down but the temperature dropped dramatically the further down he went.

Several of the locals told us about another place to swim called Blue Springs. This was another natural spring so the water was still cold. This place offered several activities like a diving board, slide, snorkeling, paddle boats and kayaking. We really enjoyed going here.

Later that evening, we went to Marianna, Fl for fireworks.

We ended the night with s'mores on the fire. 

Before we packed up to leave, we went for a hike. It can get pretty toasty first thing in the morning.

If the girl below had her way......she would be sitting in a chair .....being cared by others...... while being fanned by her brother! We are trying our hardest to turn this girl into the outdoorsy type.

Later that night( July 4th), after we got home, we went to a nearby neighborhood to watch fireworks.

 Although the temperature was the complete opposite as last time, we enjoyed this trip more. It could have been that we were better prepared and their were more activities in the area. 

Camping is something we will be doing a lot more in the coming year.

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