Monday, June 6, 2016

Not Busy Just Changes

Hello again! 

I have to admit that I seriously considered not coming back to the blogging world. I have made a list in my head of the many reasons why I shouldn't return:
1. I lack the time!
2. It is so much easier not to do it!
3. Does anyone really read it anyways????
4. Hers is way better than mine!
5. I really don't like to write...... besides, I make way to many grammar mistakes!

But daughters ask, "Mom, you really need to update your blog! I like looking back and seeing when I was little!"

 At the request of my daughters, I have decided to come back from my forever break.

I have been back and forth over the idea of how to reenter the blogging life......
-Should I begin with last November and work my way to today?
-Should I forget about the last 8 months of memories and start with today?
-Should I tell everyone how busy I have been?

I have decided to make this post about the major changes that have happened in our family since last October. 

-I finally finished and received a Master's Degree back in December.

For your enjoyment, a picture of my graduation ceremony.

-I began working at a private school in November. 
-It was a tough decision but my girls are no longer being homeschooled.
- I am happy to announce that this coming school year I will be teaching 4th grade.

I think I will stop there before I become to overwhelmed. 

I will leave you guessing with where I will pick up next!

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