Friday, January 24, 2014

WDW Marathon Part 2

In my last post, I left you hanging at a  little over half way through at mile marker 14. After running for a while on the main road, we finally arrived to the ESPN Wide World of Sports.

As we rounded the corner, there were a group of boys practicing soccer/baseball. For some reason, I can't remember which one. What I do remember is there was this guy wrapped up in a blanket, laying in a lounge chair......napping. Now......that was just torture to all of us who were running. At 18 miles, a nap was sounding really good!

It's a good thing Disney knows how to keep us going.......

with bananas.....

and the medical tent. 
Biofreeze and vaseline are a runners best friend! Several tents ran out of Biofreeze. Many people were not very happy(including my sister). I saw a couple of runners asking complete strangers for the unused portion left in their hand. I guess if your desperate.....being sanitary doesn't matter.

We finally hit mile 20 as we left Wide World of Sports. I had to get a picture because during training this was the most I had accomplished. 

By now, we had to do a lot more walking than running due to my sisters knee hurting. We still kept a pretty good pace. At one point, a man(He is the one in the purple shirt in the med tent #10 picture above.) tells us how grateful he is that we are in front of him. We obviously had become his focal point to help get him through. He begins to tell us how he was doing the Goofy Challenge which is a half one day and the full the next day. You think your challenge is tough until you meet people who have been running several other races in the same weekend. For me....I am thinking this is a new challenge to consider! 

We make it to Hollywood Studios. 

Later in the day, the parks are open and it looks crowded but Disney did a really good job with roping off  plenty of room for all of us!

We pass the Boardwalk and a couple of hotels.

We enter into the last park of the marathon........Epcot. I loved going through the World Showcase( we didn't do that for the half)! The feeling I had was amazing! I really wanted to run but did not want to leave my sister. I opted to stop for a couple of pictures and run to catch up to her.

After I passed this sign and turned the corner to see the finish line, a flood of emotions hit me! Everything I worked so hard for was about to be over! I wanted to soak up every last second!

My sister decided to suck up the pain and we ran across the finish line! 

With an ending time of 6 hours and 34 minutes.

Other than a little sore, I felt great!

Once we crossed the finish line, the first stop we made was to receive our metal. 

The second stop was an ice pack at the med tent.

We took a few more pictures before meeting up with my mom.

During the training and the morning of the race, I thought I was going to be one and done. There is just something about crossing that finish line that can change a persons mind. For my sister, she said, "absolutely not!!!!" I am glad that she agreed to accomplish this milestone with me! I enjoy running with her! From here on out she has agreed to doing a 5k. In fact, we are signed up for the Foam Fest in April!

I think my next full  will have to be with my hubby!

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