Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Dr.Seuss Celebration!

Last Friday was Dr. Seuss'  birthday along with Read Across America Day. We set aside the whole day to celebrate.  

First, the kids had to write in their journal the 10 things that were wacky in the classroom while I read......

If you were to look a little closer, you would see that I am reading the book upside that is wacky!

I am also dressed wacky in case some of you thought I had lost my fashion skills!

Once the book was finished, we pointed out the wacky things from the room. Here are 2 or the 10:

Next we met in the auditorium where we had a special guest

read Cat in the Hat.

We made a few things to go along with the book.
The famous hat
We used half of an Oreo, red gummy life savers and frosting.

The Cat in the Hat made out of a paper plate.

My favorite craft that I thought turned out so cute was......

The Cat in the Hat

This was made from a light bulb. 

From Cat in the Hat, we moved on to the book

We made our own One Fish two fish red fish blue fish book.

We took a break for a little while to watch  Horton Hears a Who  on the big screen (that would mean in the auditorium).

After the movie, we made these to help us remember to help others like Horton did in the movie.

Horton pencil holder

I thought I would share with you the wacky way my daughter dressed. She wore her play shoes which one was a very high heel boot. Needless to say, she had a hard time walking. She was wacky alright.........every time she fell!

For the last activity, we read....

and you guessed it! We had green eggs and ham!

This is me preparing them for the whole school.

Some even came back wanting seconds!


  1. That all looks like so much fun! I remember that pencil holder. :) Good seeing you on Tuesday...too bad it was just in passing. :)

  2. We still have the elephant sitting on our computer desk. It was good seeing you too!