Friday, February 14, 2014

Redneck sledding

We tried the normal way of sledding during this past snowfall.

It didn't workout since we didn't get a whole lot of snow!

So.......we thought......."What would the rednecks do?"

Griffin found a creeper( cart a mechanic uses to roll under cars) and a rope. He tied it to the back of an ATV and whola.......... sledding with barely any snow!

Of course, we had to put on extra layers since it was cold and ATVs go fast faster than a natural hill!

We had a blast and the good thing about it...........we can do it year round!

That was my mom giving a thumbs down for GO SLOW! Too bad I couldn't see her signal ;)

Sometimes the best part about winter is the new hairstyle from the beanies.

This is Griffin sporting his new swoop look!

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