Saturday, February 18, 2012

Valentine's Devo

Last Sunday, we had the youth group over to our house for a devo. With it being only 2 days before Valentine's, I knew the theme had to be on love.

Everything was red, white and pink......including the desserts!

We had cake cups.

The bottom layer is strawberry cake topped with a layer of buttercream frosting. The next layer is red velvet cake topped with another layer of buttercream frosting. I finished it off with  sprinkles and a candy kiss.

I also had fresh strawberries dipped in white chocolate garnished with a few sprinkles.

I had to offer an arrangement of candy.

To wash all of those sweets down, I prepared God's Love Potion.

This punch is so yummy!

Griffin was voluntold to give the devo talk. His topic was ....of course.....on love. He did a wonderful job as always!

To let the youth know just how much they are loved, I sent each teen home with a goody.

These teens are the church's future. As adults, we must love and teach them God's way.

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